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Credits: 1 Credit for incoming students grades 8-12
Dates: June 3 – July 14
Days: M-F
Times: 8:00am - 11:00am
Grades Allowed: 8-12


0603 Summer Spanish Success
M-F | June 3 – July 14 | $275
8:00am - 11:00am AND/OR ONLINE
1 Credit for incoming students grades 8-12.

Recommended for middle school & high school students
NOTE: please read course description carefully. This six week course has been designed with the flexibility to accommodate student/family busy summer schedules. It will be taught in both the traditional classroom setting and online. While physical attendance in the actual classroom is recommended - this class may be taken almost entirely online if necessary/desired. Students who miss M-TH session(s) will be able to complete the coursework online. This is a “pass/fail” class. Student must pass the Hill-Murray Spanish 2 entrance exam to receive credit for this class.


1. The Course Start Date is listed as June 3 ONLY because materials will be listed online on June 3 so that students may complete an assignment prior to attending the first group class to be held at Hill-Murray on Monday, June 8. The assignment(s) will be due by June 8.
2. The first group class session at Hill-Murray will be held on Monday, June 8.
3. Group Classes will be held daily at Hill-Murray on Monday through Thursday unless otherwise noted.
4. Class will be taught online every Friday and on the dates noted below.
5. Course Pre-work (June 3 - 5) | Pre-Exam Review (July 6,-9)
6. The Test will be given on Tuesday, July 14 at 2:00 p.m. The test will NOT be available online.

This course is structured to provide a review of the most commonly taught Spanish 1 grammar concepts in order to increase the probability of a student’s success in passing a Spanish 2 entrance exam. Do you have knowledge of basic Spanish vocabulary such as numbers, telling time, dates, weather, and family? Are you familiar with basic verb forms, such as soy, es, tengo, estoy, and estás? This course is for students who have studied Spanish but need to develop stronger foundational skills before advancing to a more rigorous high school Spanish 2 class. This includes students who may have struggled in Spanish 1 and need to review Spanish 1 grammar prior to entering Spanish 2.

It is especially geared toward students with years of elementary school Spanish who wish to enter high school at the Spanish 2 level but may be missing some of the grammar needed to pass their high school Spanish 2 entrance exam.

This summer class will provide students the opportunity to review essential high school Spanish 1 grammar concepts. At the end of this course, incoming students grades 8 - 12 may choose to take Hill-Murray’s placement test to determine whether they are ready for a high school Spanish 2 course.
All students will require a three-ring binder, a notebook, and a pen. Students will also each need daily access to a laptop for use during classes and to complete online work.

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