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0504Pioneer Jump Start

Credits: Non-CreditSemester: Dates: July 27-29 & Aug 3-6Days: Week 1: M-W Week 2: M-THTimes: 10am - 12pmRoom:
Grades Allowed: 6-9

Pioneer Jump Start
July 27-29 & Aug 3-6 | 10am - 12pm | Week 1: M-W | Week 2: M-TH
Enrichment Course, Non-Credit | $200
Grades 6-9

Attention in-coming 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th grade students, do you want to get a jump-start on your first year at Hill-Murray? This Study Skills class will not only teach you how to be a better student but will also get you familiar and comfortable being a Pioneer before the school year even starts. The biggest bonus to this course is meeting new friends! You will learn your way around the building, how to use your locker and combination, navigate through technology, know how to use the Library Media Center, use your PIN in the café, and be introduced to H-M staff members. In addition to learning the ropes here, in this 8-day course we will strive to build skills in all the following areas of reading tasks, study skills, and study strategies. We will work on the skills necessary to excel on homework, review, and class preparation. The following will be areas of focus: Goal Setting Time Management; Listening Location Skills, Organizational Skills Interpreting Skills, Retention Skills Test Taking; Reading Rate Skills Study Strategies; Word Meaning & Analysis Synonyms & Antonyms; Context Clues Main Ideas & Details; Evaluating Information Drawing Conclusions; Characters & Plot Reading Literature; Content Area Reading Skills. Finally, in an effort to keep you on task and successful here at H-M, the instructor will meet with you after the second and fourth week of school. At that time, the instructor will answer any questions you may have and work out any kinks. This seminar is highly recommended for students who are conditionally accepted

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0506ACT Prep

Credits: Non-CreditSemester: Dates: July 27 - Aug 6Days: Week 1: M-F / Week 2: M-THTimes: 8am - 9:30amRoom:
Grades Allowed: 10-12
ACT Prep
M - F | July 27 - Jul 31 | 8am - 9:30am
M - TH | Aug 3 - 6 | 8am - 9:30am
Enrichment Course, Non-Credit | $275 | Grades 10-12

This is a great opportunity for our students to prepare for the ACT test. The course will cover the tips, techniques, and traps students need to know to show their best work on the ACT exam. It will specifically cover English, Math, reading, Science and Writing. The end result objective is to improve subject knowledge, comfort level, and ultimately the ACT score. Students must purchase The Real ACT Prep Guide and be prepared before the first class by taking and scoring the Practice Test #1.

Week One: July 27-July 31: ACT Introduction & Writing (Day 1), Reading, (Day 2 and 3) and English (Day 4 and 5)
Week Two: Aug 3-6: Math (Day 1 and 2) and Science (Day 3 and 4)
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0510Virtual Reality - Summer Explorers Grade 2 - 8

Credits: Non-CreditSemester: Dates: VariesDays: M - THTimes: 8am-10am OR 10am-12pmRoom:
Grades Allowed: 2 – 8
Seats Available:
Session 1: 8am-10am: M - TH June 15 to 18: 0
Session 2: 8am-10am: M - TH June 22 to 25: 2
Session 3: 8am-10am: M - TH Aug 3 to 6: 4
Session 4: 10am-12pm: M - TH June 15 to 18: 4
Session 5: 10am-12pm: M - TH June 22 to 25: 0
Session 6: 10am-12pm M-TH Aug 3-6: 0

Virtual Reality - Summer Explorers
Grades 2 - 8 | M-TH | 8am-10am OR10am-12pm | June - Aug
Enrichment Course, Non-Credit | $200 each session

Grades 2 – 8: Choose your session(s):
Session 1: M - TH | June 15-18 - 8am-10am (FULL) 
Session 2: M - TH | June 22-25 - 8am-10am (FULL)
Session 3: M - TH | Aug 3-6 - 8am-10am (OPEN)
Session 4: M - TH | June 15-18 - 10am-12pm (FULL)
Session 5: M - TH | June 22-25 - 10am-12pm (FULL)
Session 6: M - TH | Aug 3-6 - 10am-12pm (OPEN)

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Limited Availability - Sign up today! Travel the world, shoot archery, go deep under the ocean, or to outer space on the Apollo 11 mission, paint a masterpiece in 3D space, play drums, create worlds, explore the human immune system, control a solar system, and so much more - all from a classroom at Hill-Murray School. Virtual Reality (VR) with a state-of-the-art HTC Vive system is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Prepare to be amazed!

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