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Credits: Non-Credit
Dates: June 22-25
Days: M-F
Times: 9am-11am
Grades Allowed: 2-5


Kids STEM Camp
M-F | June 22-25 | 9am-11am
$200 | Grades 2-5

This STEM Camp 5-day curriculum has a different science theme for 2-hours each day. Recommended for scientists in grades 2-5, these hands-on scientific experiences combine technology, engineering, and math activities and challenges - a STEM mixture kids are sure to love! Keep the kids learning and having fun this summer with a hands-on STEM Camp!  Each day, each child will receive their own STEM Camp Collection kit that they will use during camp and then take home at the end of each day.


Day 1 - “Amazing Scientist Laboratory” will engage with colorful creations (that don’t stain!), basic chemistry, and the chance to experiment and solve challenges, like creating a lava lamp.
Day 2 - “It’s Electric” explores the differences between insulators and conductors, turning your own body into a human conductor of electricity (and it’s perfectly safe!)
Day 3 - “Bubblology” explores the secrets of bubbles, where you’ll learn how you can touch and bounce bubbles without popping them as well as learning how to make a square bubble.
Day 4 - “Water Magic” Learn about surface tension by making a jar of water that defies gravity while turning it upside down as well as learning about polymers and their everyday uses!
Day 5 - “Newton’s Antics” explores Newton’s First Law of Motion, gravity, friction, inertia, and centripetal force. Kits are produced by Steve Spangler Science

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